Women thrive in the company of other women. Together we go places none of us would be willing to go alone…

Growing older is not for the faint of heart. It is a time of enormous upheaval and change.

Women need solitude, and the support of other women, to re-imagine their lives forward. We need time, quiet, protected time, to slow down, review our past, grieve our losses, and get in touch with what we really think and feel – time to discover who we are and who we are becoming.

Through the use of meditative induction, poetic imagery, collage and expressive writing, Ann and Deborah guide women through a group experience that engages the imagination and allows them to explore this major turning point in their lives.

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Imagination is the window to our inner world, a bridge between the visible and invisible, what we know about ourselves and what we have forgotten…

Each session begins with a guided induction, directing us inward, enabling us to listen in a deeper more receptive way.

We begin making a collage by letting the images choose us, bypassing our habitual, worn-out ways of looking. Through the power of attraction, the images draw us towards what has been lost and what wants to emerge.

Upon completion of the collage, we reflect upon what has been brought forward, interacting with the images and allowing their complexities to reveal themselves. We give particular attention to memories and emotions hidden in the images and write freely about what we see and feel.

Women feel a natural sense of belonging when they form a circle. Being fully present to ourselves and each other, respecting the silences within and between the words, we listen to what wants to be heard and speak what wants to be said.

A new kind of conversation now takes place…

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