Parable of the Pod

 Posted by on February 23, 2013
Feb 232013

I was fifty years old and I was exhausted. I had become too entangled in the lives of my family and friends and I was overwhelmed with the vicissitudes of their problems. Feeling un-needed was not my issue – I was needed too much. I was the center of everyone else’s life, yet I was missing in my own…

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Breathing into Wholeness

 Posted by on February 6, 2013
Feb 062013

Slowing down and re-connecting with our bodies begins as a lonely, scary voyage into the unknown. We tend to feel safe in our prescribed patterning – carrying out the fixed roles we have been given. But we grow older and those roles become too small – too limited. The time comes to let go of old, worn-out ways and find our connection to the greater whole.

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The Body Forgotten

 Posted by on January 23, 2013
Jan 232013

Primal memory – the instinctual, preverbal knowledge that we sprang from the body of a woman – lives within us no matter how far from our awareness this knowledge might be. As infants we experience our mother as omnipotent; we need her love – on her our life depends. To be abandoned by our mother is to die.

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Out of Belonging

 Posted by on August 4, 2012
Aug 042012

Over the last five thousand years, the course of human consciousness has moved in a decidedly masculine direction. We have separated ourselves from the fabled Garden and staked our claim as a self-aware, self-determining species. To achieve and sustain our autonomy, we have denied our dependence on – and our vulnerability to – Mother Nature and her processes.…

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The Feminine Way

 Posted by on March 15, 2012
Mar 152012

The Heroes Journey is a familiar metaphor for psychological maturation in our culture. We have taken it for granted that women, like men, follow some version of the Hero’s course, thrusting forward with horse and sword, slaying all that needs to be slain, analyzing what is not yet understood…

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